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Eton College Climbing Club

The Climbing Club (six boys and NAEJ) set off again this year for the Ecrins National Park in the Hautes-Alpes, France, under the able guidance of Jerry Gore (of and expert climber Francois Lombard. A varied programme was enjoyed encompassing via ferrata, zip-line, bouldering, single and multi-pitch climbing, as well as canyoning. It was a challenging but very rewarding week for all involved.



Owan Haughey (PBS)

Jonathan Bennett (CMJ) with Jerry Gore

Henry Ashcroft (GRP)

Francois Lombard

Lucas Broido (GRP)


Fred Pilkington (GRP)


Rocky! [James Mansell (GRP) & Pred Pilkington]

DATE POSTED: 11 September 2009

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