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The Gordon and Nancy Baldwin Show

The Gordon and Nancy Baldwin Show was extremely well attended on the opening night, 18 September, and was one of the most exciting evenings for some time in the Drawing Schools. The gallery was packed with a mixture of friends, admirers, old boys, past students, and the present range of boys involved in art study. Many old colleagues came to see the Baldwins and the exhibition. The work included images and sculptures from the past and current projects. A very interesting development are the collaborative pieces that involve Gordon’s ceramic forms and Nancy’s figurative decoration. These pieces proved something of a crowd pleaser, judging by the numerous sales on the opening night. The College is very lucky to host an exhibition of such high quality and diversity by two very established artists. The exhibition runs until 11 October 2009.

Ian Burke

Photo by Joon-Son Chung

photo by Joon-Son Chung

DATE POSTED: 07 October 2009

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