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Design Society: Mr Bill Vanryne

 Mr Vanryne started off the evening by giving a brief and informative overview of the starter engines that were developed by the company he worked for (Rotax), which were needed to start the jet engines of the 1950s and 1960s, and his work as an engine specialist on the development of a number of jet engines and planes of the period. He then followed on with the history of the Campbells (both father and son) as high speed record breakers, before moving onto the Bluebird K7 boat and the story behind it. He showed the boys at the meeting a unique point of view (as one of the engineers working on the project) on the Bluebird’s problems and trials and Campbell’s fatal final attempt, while using his own camera footage and photos of the time as aids to his talk. Mr Vanryne then finished it off with the recovery of the wreck of the Bluebird from Coniston Lake in 2001, the 40th Anniversary Memorial service for Campbell in 2006, and the restoration work now occurring on the boat. All in all, it was a highly informative talk that gave the boys a deep insight to the story of Bluebird K7 and the jet engines of the time.


Matthew Allhusen (MAG)

DATE POSTED: 11 November 2009

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