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Wotton’s Society: Chairman of the London Buddhist Centre

 On the Thursday, November 12th, Wotton’s Society was privileged to welcome Jnanavaca, Chairman of the London Buddhist Centre, to speak on ‘Touching the Void.’ 

He began his thought-provoking discussion by portraying Buddhism as a path more than anything else. Consistently using engaging references to Shakespeare and Hollywood, Jnanavaca explained that all paths have goals, and Buddhism’s goal is the liberating oasis of Enlightenment. He emphasised that moments in our lives, often due to a close death, will force us to reflect carefully. He expressed the danger of a culture, with all of its distractions, that trivialises everything, in particular a life of spiritual enquiry.

In fact, Jnanavaca stressed the importance of this sort of self-evaluating reflection. To him, it is vital that we do not see ourselves as fixed, separated entities part of constant subject-object relations. Only by releasing ourselves of this mentality can we experience a permanent fulfilment.

We thank Jnanavaca for his captivating and alternative talk.

Cristo Liautaud OS (RPDF)

DATE POSTED: 12 November 2009

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