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Slavonic Society: Mr Charles Crawford on ‘Russia and The Psychology of Bigness’

Diplomat Charles Crawford spoke to the Slavonic Society. He gave an incredibly informative and indeed entertaining talk on Russia’s size (both geographically and psychologically). He spoke at length about the history of Eastern Europe and the effect that it’s past has had on the present. He addressed questions like that of Russia’s declining population as well as suggesting how much Russia has lost in material terms as a result  of Communist rule. His career in the Foreign Office, where he served in Moscow, Warsaw and Sarajevo meant that he could speak with first hand experience on many of the pressing issues of recent times as well as looking to the future of Russia’s foreign policy. It also allowed for several anecdotes, including an account of the revolt against Yeltsin in October 1993, during which his house was surrounded by incessant gunfire. Having left the FCO in 2007, he now gives talks and seminars, and runs a successful website that deals with contemporary political issues (

Ed Wingfield (JDN)

DATE POSTED: 14 September 2009

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