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Law Society: Philippe Sands QC on “War and Torture in 21st Century Britain”

In front of an excellent turn-out of boys, Mr Sands addressed the Law Society on the very controversial issue of war and torture.

Due to his vast personal experience, Mr Sands gave fascinating insights into prolific cases that he himself has been involved in. He focused specifically on Guantanamo Bay, outlining the horrifying reality of the suffering that the many prisoners are subject to; indeed, he made it quite clear that the vast majority of these prisoners probably ought not to be there at all.

After Mr Sands’ address, several questions were asked on wide-ranging topics; one involved Tony Blair’s much criticised move to go to war with Iraq while others focused in on the nuances of the Guantanamo Bay affair.

A hugely insightful talk that was enjoyed by many; our sincere thanks go to Mr Sands.


Tom Greenhalgh (NCWS)

DATE POSTED: 14 October 2009

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