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Wotton’s Society: Dr Mike Wilkinson on ‘God’s Knowledge, God’s Ignorance, and the Mellow’

The Society was pleased to welcome Dr Mike Wilkinson to give a talk to the society entitled ‘God’s Knowledge, God’s Ignorance, and the Mellow’. He drew upon the philosophy of Michael Dummett to question the nature of God’s knowledge. The talk considered propositional and indexical axioms as the basis for His knowledge. His capacity to understand human life was viewed through his existence as a timeless or timely being, and the talk closed with the acknowledgement that our understanding of a ‘mellow’ song or cheese is, ultimately, unknown to Him. The discussion which followed was lively and spanned creation to justice, drawing a fascinating and thought-provoking evening to an end.

 Cristo Liautaud OS (RPDF)

DATE POSTED: 15 October 2009

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