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Editorial Society

Editorial Society:
Mr Jonathan Fenby

The Editorial Society met on the 24th in Lower School and welcomed Jonathan Fenby. He was editor of the Observer, China Morning Post, Reuters World Service, one of the founders of the Independent, and was a war correspondent in Vietnam.

Jonathan talked about journalism in the 60s-90s, out in Vietnam and in the field reporting back to Reuters, and also mentioned that journalism career paths are sporadic and rarely planned. He went on to talk about how journalism has changed, and where it is going to, giving interesting answers to questions on the potential monetization and development of online journalism and blogging. Jonathan is a renowned China expert and author, and also addressed journalism and free speech in Asia and the rest of the world, and how technology may soon overpower the censorship model in communist China (despite the fact that people in China actually embrace the regime).

All those present got involved in the discussion and very much enjoyed the talk.

Toby Mather (CMJ)

DATE POSTED: 24 November 2009

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