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Wotton’s Society

Wotton’s Society:
Dr Barbro Fröding on Virtuous Enhancement

On Thursday, November 19th, Wotton’s Society was privileged to welcome Dr. Barbro Fröding to speak on the subject of ‘In Search of the Happy Life - Virtuous Enhancements.’ She began by explaining the already large and increasing market for performance enhancement drugs all the while proposing that the virtuous life, as set out by Aristotle, may in fact be unattainable. Arguments range from the lack of clear aims Aristotle puts forward, its dependence on upbringing, it is overly demanding, humans naturally have bad judgement, and it may be a biologically impossible demand. She continued by emphasizing why the virtuous was indeed the good and enjoyable life and upheld that, although not in all cases, we can look to cognitive enhancement to put ourselves in a position to attempt to seek this virtuous life. However, in the end, as Dr. Fröding puts it, we are only gaining a competitive advantage over ourselves. We thank Dr. Fröding for her thought-provoking and relevant presentation.

Cristo Liautaud OS (RPDF)

DATE POSTED: 19 November 2009

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