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Slavonic/Modern Languages Society

Slavonic/Modern Languages Society
Mr Saydam Salaheddin

Mr Saydam Salaheddin visited Eton this week. He currently works as a Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division of Credit Suisse, based in Moscow. He has worked in the Real Estate sector, and gave a brief outline of his experiences of living and working in the Eurasian market. His extensive experience in the field meant that he was qualified to discuss many questions at length, leading to an interesting and informative discussion, which ranged from business, to politics, to everyday life in Russia. Having lived in Moscow for three years now, he was also able to give us a feel of what Moscow is like for an Englishman, and cited numerous entertaining anecdotes to make his points.

Ed Wingfield (JDN)

DATE POSTED: 03 December 2009

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