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1st XI Hockey


1st XI Hockey:  Eton 4 Harrow 0

Some of Saturday’s wrinkles were ironed out in this improved performance, which still smacked of early season hockey. Eton has only been competing against other first teams since 2002 but Harrow is even newer to the game (2004) and is stretched for playing resources. Eton’s plan was to avoid Harrow’s stronger, central players and to work the ball down the flanks, using our wide halves (Maxwell, Innes) to feed the two forwards (Funnell, Nadeem). Although opening play was congested and lateral transfer was still too slow, there was progress in this regard and Eton soon created openings. Funnell scored twice from close range and completed his hat-trick midway through the second half, following a goalkeeping error. Nadeem scored Eton’s fourth shortly before the end. Eton’s short corner routine has yet fully to gel but the tackling was brave and technically correct throughout, leaving Furse largely redundant in goal. Pass completion rates were higher than against Radley but control, ball transference and vision will need to improve against Wellington on Saturday. A belated and warm thanks goes to the grounds staff for their herculean effort in manually clearing the snow from New Masters last week.


DATE POSTED: 19 January 2010

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