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1st XI Hockey

1st XI Hockey:  Eton 1 Wellington 3

Two evenly matched sides produced a typically high tempo and competitive match on New Masters. The outcome was determined by two successful Wellington penalty corners in the first half and early injuries to Funnell and Maxwell, which left the home side without any rolling substitutes for the majority of the match – a near impossible situation in the modern game. Wellington, fielding their strongest side of recent years, opened the scoring with an accurate short corner strike after five minutes, which was soon cancelled out by Nadeem’s high quality swivel shot. Eton then played effective possession hockey before conceding a soft penalty corner, which itself was poorly defended. A sucker punch third straight afterwards opened the two goal gap, which was to remain until the end.

Even at 3-1 down one felt that the game was very much within reach but, as time elapsed, fatigue set in, attacking opportunities dwindled and territory was gradually conceded. Furse remained largely untroubled in goal and Loveridge’s snap shot just cleared the bar but the gap between Eton’s midfield and front two steadily widened and the game petered out rather tamely. Buchan and Worthington enjoyed successful debuts and Ashcroft, Senaratne and Arwas again exhibited brave and clinical defence.


DATE POSTED: 23 January 2010

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