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Richard Allen and Adam Connor, Heads of Policy for Facebook (on opposite sides of the Atlantic)  came to talk to the Computing Society on Wednesday about the past, present and future of the social networking site, Facebook.

After an introduction to their roles in this rapidly growing company, they described how Facebook had been started in a Harvard dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg and from almost nowhere it has become a huge phenomenon with over 350   million regular users.

Richard and Adam quipped that Facebook's ambition was to have the entirety of the planet's population using it; becoming as   ubiquitous a tool as the mobile phone.

Their talk finished in an extended question and answer session that cleared up a few myths about Facebook, explained some aspects and posed some interesting political problems that are at the forefront of government's debates at the moment.

David Mathias (JDN)

DATE POSTED: 04 February 2010

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