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History of Art Society

History of Art Society:
Visit to Sotheby's

On Sunday 7th February a group of 16 boys visited the Contemporary Art Preview at Sotheby's, to see the extraordinarily rich range of artworks being offered at auction the following week.  The group was met by Mr James Sevier (OE) who kindly volunteered to guide the boys round the galleries, explaining the genesis of some of the most important works and giving the Eton boys an idea of how an auction house would calculate the importance of each piece, by asking questions about such issues as condition, provenance, the previous record of that artist's work, attractiveness and its reputation among scholars.  This was an extremely exciting visit since some of the works were extremely beautiful (work by Yves Klein, Peter Doig, the 'Zero' group) and a lot of the works were by artists so famous as to be 'household names' (Andy Warhol, Damian Hirst, Banksy).  We were all very grateful to Mr Sevier for giving up an hour of his time on an extremely busy day to help us learn about how to collect - and sell - contemporary art.


DATE POSTED: 07 February 2010

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