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The Middle Eastern Society/Slavonic Society

The Middle Eastern Society/Slavonic Society:
Robert Chenciner on Dagestan

The striking thing about the evening was not just the excellent speaker but also the array of obscure and extraordinary paraphernalia (spoon huts, furry burkas, maps, posters, books) brought back from Daghestan by the speaker. As soon as Mr Chenciner arrived, a mini exhibition was set up to make sure that New Babel (the Birley Common Room) was transformed into an outpost of Dagestan itself. Mr Chenciner gave a brief description of the items on show at the start of his address before launching into a talk along with a slide show of exceptional pictures. The talk was detailed and engaging, focused upon the ethnography of Daghestan and the Caucasus. After the talk he answered several questions from the floor. It was clear that he knew a vast amount about his subject and truly was an expert on the region. There was a good turn-out at the society and plenty of people stayed behind to ask further questions.

Nick Buchan (TEJN)

DATE POSTED: 01 February 2010

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