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Dr Janet Folkes

On Friday 12th February the Shackleton Society was privileged to host Dr Janet Folkes. Dr Folkes, a highly experienced pilot and balloonist, began her talk by relating her current job at the University of Nottingham to her ballooning and taking the audience through a brief history of ballooning. She then went on to describe some of her many ballooning escapades.  (She has set 50 world records). The main focus of her talk was on her most recent Americas Challenge race which took place across Europe. Janet had previously won this race with Bill Arras in 2005, flying almost 1,500 miles from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Canada. She accompanied her talk with many breathtaking photos and videos which brought her talk to life. We are very grateful to Dr Folkes for giving us such a fascinating and lively talk.

Peter Merriam (JMN)

DATE POSTED: 12 February 2010

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