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1st XI Hockey

1st XI Hockey:  
Epsom 1 Eton 1

Both sides were depleted by injury, as is so often this case at this stage of the half. Yet Eton, given more space in which to operate than is customary at this level, produced arguably their best hockey of the season in the opening half, transferring the ball at pace from one side to another, using Ashcroft as pivot. H.Lighton and Willis Fleming, the wide defenders, then generated high ball speed to liberate Maxwell and Loveridge in midfield, who in turn fed Nadeem and Worthington well. Arwas was at his tenacious best in the centre and Worthington’s well timed sweep shot rounded off a full-pitch move. The collective failure to score further goals from multiple chances would come back to haunt Eton in the game’s dying seconds.

Epsom upped their game in the second half, pressing Eton more in possession and blocking easy outlets. Epsom had more pace than the visiting side, and their front two tested Furse’s angles on several occasions, as good chances fell to both sides. With seconds remaining and both sides down to 10 men (following identical sin-binning offences), Eton conceded a penalty corner. The final hit of the match saw a well-struck Epsom shot enter the bottom left corner of Furse’s goal.


DATE POSTED: 13 March 2010

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