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Law Society:
David Goldberg QC on ‘Justice and the Tax System’


The Law Society was privileged to host one of the most senior tax lawyers in the country. Mr Goldberg QC, who has been involved in many high-profile cases across the world during his career – including in the Far East – gave us fascinating first-hand knowledge from his vast experience. He began the speech by giving a talk about the history of the tax and justice systems in this country, mixing interesting details with humourous asides.

It became very apparent through the talk that to be a tax lawyer you have to be very aware of detail, and Mr Goldberg most certainly was. This was most apparent by the way he answered the questions offered by the boys. He also had time to explain the most eagerly awaited question on why Andre Agassi has had some degree of trouble with the tax system.
We would like to thank those who attended the talk and Dr Gailey and his wife for hosting such a superb dinner beforehand.

Tom Greenhalgh (NCWS) and Ed Gross (MNF)

DATE POSTED: 24 February 2010

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