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Geographical Society:
Dr Andy Wells (Infoterra Ltd)

The Geographical Society’s guest on Monday 8 March was Dr Andy Wells. Dr Wells is currently Director of Government Services for Infoterra Ltd, a leading UK company specialising in geography and geospatial technology.

He discussed the geographic information system (GIS) which includes highly advanced mapping software such as the aerial photography used by Google Earth. Infoterra provides the data that companies like Google use to create aerial photographs. Considerable data has already been and continues to be collected and the processing of this data has recently become advanced enough to create completely virtual 3D models of cities, which are extremely useful. GIS has large social implications: much more accurate hazard mappings can be modelled and if this information were given to insurance companies, it could drastically change premiums in certain areas. GIS is now heavily utilised in scientific research and there is also great potential for advertising, as Google has already realised. Radar can even be used to detect ground level changes of a few centimetres, having major implications on monitoring illegal border crossing, among other things.

GIS, Dr Wells claims, is where the future, and most importantly, the money lies in geography today. GIS proves for him that geography is still one of the most underutilised sciences in areas of government and business, and yet it has a huge daily impact on society.

Henry Sherman (MNF)


DATE POSTED: 08 March 2010

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