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The following prize winners were announced at Readings Over on the last day of the half.
The Newcastle Scholar:     Archie Cornish KS
The Newcastle Medallist: Dexter Leung KS
Runner-up:         Prow Pangsrivongse
(Professor John Cottingham, Reading University)
The Rosebery Prize (History):         Archie Cornish KS
The Andrew Duncan Prize (2nd): Fitz Morrissey KS
The Martineau Prize (3rd):                 Dan Chaplin KS
(Dr Clare Griffiths, Sheffield University)
HM The Queen’s Prize in French: Jack Crichton (CMJ)
(Professor Timothy Mathews, University College, London)
HM The Queen’s Prize in German: Cameron Knight KS
(Professor Robert Vilain, Royal Holloway)
Beddington Spanish Prize: Ruwan Seevaratnam (RJM)
(Professor Stephen Hart, University College, London)
The Duke of Newcastle’s Russian Prize:  Nicholas Buchan (TEJN)
(Dr Polly Jones, University College London)
DATE POSTED: 09 April 2010

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