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Alex Hibbert on crossing Greenland

The Shackleton Society was immensely privileged to host Alex Hibbert as speaker for the last meeting of the 2009/10 year. In 2008, after hauling sledges weighing 195kg, skiing 1374 miles and enduring temperatures in the –30°Cs, Alex and his team-mate George Bullard OE (ex ASR ’07), finally completed their crossing of Greenland, claiming the coveted prize of the longest unsupported polar expedition in history. His tale was remarkable with a central message of perseverance. The team overcame potentially trip-threatening problems of sponsorship deals falling through, tent fires, crevasse fields and ten days on emergency rations of half a flapjack each a day when they couldn’t find a food depot buried deep in the snow.


Angus Graham-Watson (TEJN)


DATE POSTED: 12 May 2010

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