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Medical Society

Medical Society

 Mr Sean Molloy, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Spinal Deformity Unit, The Royal National Orthopedic Hospital


For the first Medical Society meeting after Long Leave, we were privileged to have Mr Sean Molloy, the only consultant spinal surgeon in the country who is also qualified as a chiropractor.

Mr Molloy, who had carried out an operation at 7am on the morning of the talk, gave us an enthusiastic and detailed talk about his work. His description of how his own research and techniques are shaping the field of spinal deformities was both impressive and fascinating. Mr Molloy catered to the variety of students and teachers present (including visitors from other schools) with the range of topics he discussed and the way he skillfully answered questions, ranging from the potential for artificial spinal discs to the possible application of stem cell therapy to reverse spinal paralysis.

Mr Molloy’s generosity did not end with the giving up of his evening to speak to the Medical Society. His offer to help organise shadowing and work experience at the renowned Royal National Orthopedic Hospital ensured heartfelt thanks at the conclusion and most certainly will be taken up by the many aspiring medics present.

Jesse Marshall (GRP)


DATE POSTED: 24 February 2012

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