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An Eton Inspired App

An Eton Inspired App

Last Summer two boys, Thomas Humphrey and Fredrick Moross, won the O2Learn AppSkool
competition with an idea for an educational app. The prize was £50,000 worth of
app development. O2 informed us early on that the scale of the original idea was
too large to develop. As a result, Tom Humphrey has worked closely with O2 and
Golden Gekko (a leading app designer) to create an app called Lingo – Tangible
Translation which has been launched on the Appstore today. Lingo is a free
translation app for students of French, Italian and Spanish and creates
dictionary-style word lists from any text uploaded to it. The development of
the app has been supported by the school and is credited on the opening screen
of the app. The app can be downloaded for iPad from the AppStore.

DATE POSTED: 27 March 2013

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