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Parental Contact with the School

From initial registration and then through the process of assessment until a boy is offered a conditional place and allocated to a house, parental contact is through the Admissions Office.

All parents’ primary point of contact once a boy has been allocated to a house is the house master. That remains the case throughout a boy’s five years here, but of course parents are encouraged to make contact with their son’s tutor, his masters and anyone else who takes some responsibility for him.

Academic concerns should likewise be raised initially with the house master, who may deal with the matter directly or suggest that a head of department should be contacted.

If parents do not find the solution to their problem or a satisfactory resolution of their concerns through a house master they are always free to take the matter up with the Director of Curriculum or the Head Master.

Details of academic reporting, parents' meetings and the pattern of internal and external examinations are available here.