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The Provost and Fellows, alongside the Head Master, have given much thought to what Eton’s response should be to the crisis which Britain, along with every other nation in the world, faces as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be an immense task of rebuilding damaged institutions, not least in education.

The sense of common purpose shown in response to the virus gives us as a nation an opportunity to recommit to tackling the unequal opportunities which our children face; inequality brought into sharp focus right now.

Eton chooses to see this as a watershed moment and to seize the opportunity to set about a bold and ambitious initiative to share our resources more widely and, in so doing, to attack educational inequality.

Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, Provost

Through the New Social Vision initiative, we have committed £100 million to programmes that assist in addressing educational inequality both at Eton and in the nation. By increasing our provision for Financial Aid, creating new and robust partnerships, and developing innovative ways of learning through EtonX, we are determined to play our part in the challenges ahead.

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A New Social Vision