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Much of what makes Eton such an extraordinary place is the wealth of co-curricular opportunity offered to boys – from the extensive society programmes, to debating competitions, sports and athletics, or community service, to name a few. The breadth of activities inspires every boy to discover his unique passions.

The school very much acts as a place of discovery. From attending society meetings one night to rehearsing in the Farrer on another, I, like many others, have been afforded the chance to find where my passions lie. It is only as I approach my final stages at the school that I can truly look back and appreciate just how fortunate we are.

Will Atiomo (ABH 19)

Philanthropy is critical in enriching the boy experience and maintaining the extensive calendar and facilities needed to develop boys’ talents, interests and character. Through gifts to Student Enrichment, donors are encouraged to support areas of the School they find meaningful, thereby instilling these values in boys for generations to come.

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