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Eton has benefited from a long history of philanthropy right back to its very foundation.  We flourish today thanks to the generosity of Old Etonians, parents and friends and we will advance further as that tradition grows. 

The gifts we receive enable us to develop in so many areas.  They underpin our transformative Financial Aid Programme and allow us to develop powerful partnerships outside the walls of Eton.  But those walls themselves have also been strengthened, restored and renewed so ensuring that our facilities provide a world class setting for the teaching that takes place within.  

All this is founded on the strength of our endowment and our growing annual support.  These remain critical to Eton’s long term success.  Through our new initiative: A New Social Vision, we aim to share our resources and expertise to support the great task of reducing educational inequality in this nation.  It is a bold challenge which will help others but strengthen us too – an outcome for the benefit of all.  You can learn more below. I hope you will join us.

Justin Nolan, Director of Development


to be invested by Eton College in education across the UK.

A New Social Vision

Now, more than ever, Eton has a pivotal role to play in addressing the challenge of educational inequality in the nation. Through an investment of £100 million, the College will work to ensure that financial circumstance is never a barrier to quality education, both for boys at the College and children up and down the nation. The support of everyone in the Eton community will be critical in helping us to achieve our ambitions.

A New Social Vision

Eton Onwards

Learn more about the impact of philanthropy at Eton in our 2022 Eton Onwards publication. From people to programmes, the generosity of our community supports all aspects of what makes the College such a remarkable place.

Contact the Development Office

Development Office
St Christopher’s House
Eton College


Tel: 01753 370642

The Development Office is located in St Christopher’s House on the High Street across from Baldwin’s Shore.

Registered Charity no. 1139086