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Curriculum Support Staff


All three sciences employ a team of technicians to look after the laboratories and prepare experiments and demonstrations so that time spent in school by boys setting up and taking down apparatus is kept to a minimum. That means that we are able to do practicals during single schools and make more efficient use of teaching-time.

Music Teachers

In addition to seven permanent members of staff who teach music there are over 50 others who come to give lessons in their specialist areas.

Theatre Staff

The theatre is staffed by a theatre manager assisted by a stage designer and a technician to help boys to design and build sets.

Games Coaches

Most games coaching is done by masters – that is part of the broad range of contact that makes the relationships between masters and boys so mature and fruitful – but in addition we are fortunate to be able to bring specialist coaches in soccer, rugby, tennis and other sports to improve the best boys’ performance. There are four resident coaches: a cricket professional, a rowing professional, a rackets professional and an Eton fives professional, each of whom gives individual and group coaching to boys as well as participating in the coaching of other sports outside their own seasons