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The Museum of Eton Life

The Museum of Eton Life brings alive various aspects of the Eton experience across six centuries. It is housed in an undercroft below College Hall, a space that was used to store beer for the scholarship boys until the early 20th century. Established as a museum in 1985, it now houses permanent and temporary displays exploring life at Eton College. 

In 2016, the museum launched a new permanent display showcasing materials which illustrate the boarding life of boys at the school in the 21st century. There is also an annually changing display exploring new and different stories and presenting lesser-seen objects from the collection.

Visitors can discover Eton's history and traditions, famous Old Etonians (from poets to Prime Ministers) and sports including the Wall Game, as well as find out about what and where pupils learn, eat and live. 

Access and Enquiries

Opening hours: Sunday afternoons 2.30 - 5pm

Please contact the Museum Officer to arrange an appointment to visit the museum outside opening hours or to enquire about this collection. 

The museum is located in Brewhouse Yard, accessed from Eton High Street via Baldwin’s Shore.

Please check the access page for further details on opening times. The museums may close due to holidays or exceptional circumstances.

Please access the Collections Learning page for more information.