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Leading the way

With an extensive co-curriculum, a focus on pastoral excellence and a growing expertise in digital education through our global digital education platform, EtonX, Eton College stands in the vanguard of educational developments.

Our award-winning flagship embedded research facility, The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning, is at the core of these new developments, informing our own teaching and learning, as well as sharing best practice across the sector.

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Latest research

Character in Education

The Tony Little Centre and Research Schools International has carried out a research study on Character Education at Eton.

Read the report
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Open & engaged

We were founded to offer transformative educational opportunities to boys with limited life chances, and we have held to this offer ever since. Currently we have over 100 boys in the school who pay no fees at all.

We are an integrated part of the local community and the wider education sector. Our partnership with Holyport College, an Ofsted outstanding state-maintained boarding school is one of the strongest, closest and most reciprocal partnership of any cross-sector relationship in the UK.

Over 2,000 pupils per year visit Eton to benefit from our museums and collections, and we co-sponsor the London Academy of Excellence, an outstanding sixth form in Newham, East London.

Come and visit our College Collections

Each year, our free museums, galleries, historic spaces and reading rooms welcome thousands of visitors.