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Artist in Residence

The Artist in residence scheme is possible due to generosity of James McLaren OE who sponsors this annual event.

The basic principle is that in the Michaelmas half we recruit the help of a specific artist whose work we feel is relevant to our teaching objectives. We try to vary the criteria so that we can cover the wide range of working 

methods and ideas that are possible to explore and utilise within the Drawing Schools. The artist in residence is not a teacher but a practitioner who instructs both staff and students via his working practice. The idea is that his studio is open for visits and that he will display some past and present work in the gallery during his stay at Eton. All artist in recent years have been very generous with time, technical advice and practical demonstrations. The residency scheme is a fresh injection of energy and concepts for all involved and helps to keep art at Eton College contemporary and relevant to the art world beyond the confines of the school.