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Eton’s central purpose is the provision of education. Our comprehensive range of scholarships and bursaries ensure that talented boys from all financial backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from an education at Eton. 

In 2020/21 the College met the target set by our governing body, the Provost and Fellows, for at least 70 boys in the school to receive full fee remission, with 90 boys in total paying nothing for their education. 

Within five years, Eton aims to increase this figure to at least 140 pupils, which equates to more than 10% of the school. As part of our vision for widening access, Eton will continue to increase financial aid to enable more young people from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds to study at Eton, including Looked After Children. In addition, up to 140 further boys – another 10% of our school population – will be in receipt of means-tested bursaries of between 5% and 95% of the school fee. All financial awards at Eton are made through a detailed means-testing process. 

We must play our part, as an educational charity, in helping to address inequality.

Simon Henderson, Head Master

During 2020/2021, the total amount spent on fee remission at Eton College totalled approximately £8,700,000. 

All boys who win King’s Scholarships and/or Music Scholarships will be offered means-tested financial aid at a level which enables them to attend Eton.  These awards may include, where necessary, extras. These scholarships are currently awarded to over 140 boys. King’s Scholarships are awarded on academic promise and Music Scholarships on musical promise. Since September 2020, the Sixth Form entry route has been via the means-tested Orwell Award, which, under most circumstances, will offer boys a free place plus widespread support towards music lessons and other extras. 


of boys to have complete fee remission within five years.

For entry to Eton in Year 9 from 2023 onwards, means-tested financial awards at the age of 13 will be on offer in parallel with our normal admissions procedures. Families who need financial aid for their sons to attend Eton will be invited to indicate this fact to our financial aid team on receipt of their application to the school. 

We are determined to support families and boys who might be interested in exploring the idea of coming to Eton with their applications. Please find out more about how to apply. Whatever questions you may have, however big or small, you are also welcome to contact our admissions team on 01753 370611.