Scholarships differ from bursaries, which are means-tested awards given to help support families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford some or all of the school fees. Our scholarships do not carry any automatic fee remission.

When a boy applies for a scholarship it is possible for his parents to apply for a means-tested bursary in connection with that scholarship to cover school fees.

Please note that we do not offer sports or arts scholarships, though such abilities feature strongly in all our selection processes along with all-round personality and suitability for membership of a boarding community.


approximate number of scholarship boys here at any one time.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we offer a broad range of scholarships:

Entry at 13

King’s Scholarships

Based on academic ability for boys entering the school at age 13. Around 14 are awarded each year.

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Rokos Scholarship

Boys who are outstanding academically, who have been educated in the UK state system at primary level and who need financial assistance to attend Eton can be considered for the Rokos Scholarship. Thanks to the generosity of a donor, this award provides means-tested financial support for up to four boys per year to attend Eton. These boys are identified by the school during the Admissions process. Where necessary, the scholarship will cover 100% fees and extras. We will help families identify the most appropriate pathway for their sons in Years 7 and 8. Boys should be registered in the normal way for 13+ entry by 30 June in UK school Year 5. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any queries.

Please note the Rokos Scholarship is not a separate award that can be applied for.

Music Awards

A wide range of scholarships and exhibition awards are designed to recognise and support talented musicians.

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Whenever a new boy comes in at a senior level, it doesn’t matter what scholarship they’re on, the boys really fall over backwards to make them welcome.

Hazel Nash, Former Dame (House Matron)

Entry in the Sixth Form

Orwell Awards

Orwell Awards are for boys who have spent Years 9, 10 and 11 in a UK state school. Boys who are receiving substantial financial assistance at a UK independent school that does not have a Sixth Form may also apply. Up to 14 places may be awarded per year; however, this depends on the quality of applications received.

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MCM Drama Award

The MCM Drama Award may be awarded to a boy applying for the Orwell Award who will make an outstanding contribution to drama at Eton.

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Sixth Form Music Award

The Sixth Form Music Award may be awarded to a boy applying for the Orwell Award who is a musical high-flyer.

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