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Please explore our areas for support below.

A New Social Vision

This ambitious £100 million initiative will allow us to share resources more widely to tackle educational inequality in the nation. Through partnerships, increased Financial Aid and the development of new ways of learning, we will play our part so that vulnerable children do not fall behind.

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Financial Aid

We believe that financial circumstance should never be a barrier to an Eton Education and all that it offers talented boys. Help us ensure Eton remains attainable for families from across the income spectrum.

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Teaching and Research

Help us strengthen our commitment to our academic enterprise by ensuring that boys benefit from the best Masters, innovations in pedagogy, and opportunities to explore knowledge in rich and immersive ways.

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Student Enrichment

Our robust co-curriculum is equally as important as our academic offer. Your support enables our boys to discover their passions and be shaped in lasting ways by their experiences outside the school room.

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Sport is not an addition to education at Eton, but a central aspect of it. We have an exceptional opportunity to re-imagine our sports offer and evolve our facilities for the next generation.

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Eton College Collections

Our Collections include a range of objects from the prehistoric to the present day. Every gift helps us share these remarkable holdings with the world and bring learning to life.

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Eton’s Greatest Need

Unrestricted gifts of all sizes allow the College to continue its pursuit of excellence, innovation and partnership by providing annual, flexible funding for our greatest current needs.

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