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‘Traditional’ academically-focused societies remain at the heart of the Societies Programme: from philosophy and economics, through to history, classics, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, science and mathematics. In addition, VocSoc provides regular opportunities for boys to consider what is on offer in the world beyond Eton, and is supported by meetings of societies such as MedSoc, Engineering & Design Soc and the Broadcast Society.

When I arrived at Eton I was amazed to find how extensive the Societies Programme was. It was one of the best parts of my Eton experience.

Keeper of Societies

Eton is a more diverse place than it has ever been and this is well reflected in the growing popularity of societies that celebrate and champion diversity in its many forms – from our Social Impact Society, the Disability and Social Awareness Society, LGBTQ Equality Soc and FemSoc to the recently renamed African & Caribbean Society. Passion for the environment and an awareness of the fragility and wonder of our physical world has driven popular meetings of the Environment Society, the Geography Society and (for the more adventurously minded) the Shackleton Society. The Sports and Entrepreneurship societies continue to draw large audiences.


society meetings each year, with up to 16 meetings per week.

On the home front there are regular meetings of the gloriously tech-free Board Game Club, the ever-popular QuizSoc, weekly Debating and Model United Nations events, a Philosophy of Education discussion group and local ornithological expeditions with BirdSoc; and this is to say nothing of the various meetings of Lower Boy societies and powerful stand-alone symposia and events – including those to celebrate International Women’s Day and Holocaust Memorial Day.

Over the years, we have been blessed with a rich array of speakers that includes former Prime Ministers and Presidents, Nobel Laureates, leading CEOs, academics, scientists – the well-known and the less-well-known, but all experts in their fields who are able to communicate their knowledge and experience with passion and enthusiasm.

The Co-Curriculum

Inclusion Education