A boy can be registered at any time up to 30 June in UK School Year 5 (the UK academic year in which he reaches the age of 10 years), for example:

  • For 2025 entry a boy needs to be registered by 30 June 2022
  • For 2026 entry a boy needs to be registered by 30 June 2023

These are strict deadlines unless a boy is specifically applying for the King’s Scholarship or Music Awards, for which eligible boys can apply in UK School Year 8 up to the age of 13.

There is no door that doesn’t open for you once you’re here – you might previously have had a glass ceiling that’s stopping you, but you shatter that glass ceiling as soon as you come here.



Please complete the online registration form below.

As part of the registration, you will need to upload a copy of the boy’s unabridged birth certificate (showing parental details; this is titled ‘Certified Copy of an Entry’ on a UK certificate) and pay the non-refundable registration fee (currently £400, but subject to change).

Please note we cannot process incomplete applications and reserve the right to discard them after a month. All applications for registration must be complete and received by the deadline.

Online Registration Form

Did you know?

Eligible boys can apply for a King’s Scholarship or Music Award in UK School Year 8 up to the age of 13.

Assessment for a Conditional Place

Stage 1: Autumn term of UK School Year 6

All boys sit the ISEB Common Pre-Tests during October or November, either at their current school or at an agreed centre. We will also request a Head Teacher’s report covering a boy’s academic strengths, interests and character.

The online ISEB Common Pre-Tests are multiple choice, covering Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. Each boy’s score is standardised and age-adapted to give a measure of his ability and attainment irrespective of when his birthday falls in the academic year. The tests take about two and a half hours to complete and can be taken together or separately; more information is available on the ISEB website.

We will review the results of the Pre-Tests and the Head Teacher’s report and select boys to go forward to Stage 2, communicating outcomes of Stage 1 in December.

Stage 2: Spring and Summer terms of UK School Year 6

Boys who are successful at Stage 1 come to Eton for assessment in the following age groups:

  • Boys for whom significant financial aid is requested will be assessed in mid-January
  • Boys with birthdays between September and the first half of December will be assessed in late January/early February
  • Boys with birthdays between the second half of December and March will be assessed in late February/early March
  • Boys with birthdays between April and August will be assessed in late April/early May

The assessment will consist of an individual interview and an online predictive test of academic ability and potential on a computer (minimal IT skills required).

We will publish results for each of the above groups in March, May and July respectively, taking into account all aspects of each application.

Assessment and Bursary Timeline for Applications

Within the first few days of arriving at Eton, I felt welcome and knew that I was going to enjoy my time here.



We will offer boys who are successful at Stage 2 a Conditional Place, confirmed by passing King’s Scholarship, Common Entrance or Eton Entrance examinations at age 12/13 in UK School Year 8.

Parents and boys with a Conditional Place meet a selection of House Masters with a view to finding a suitable boarding house during the first and second terms of UK School Year 7.

Parents wishing to accept a Conditional Place offer will be required to pay the Acceptance Fee by the end of March in UK School Year 7.

We will also offer some boys a Waiting List Place and, if they accept, invite them to come back to Eton in the Summer term of UK School Year 7 for a further assessment. Each year we accept a number of boys on the Waiting List into the school; the number varies from year to year.