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Eton hosts and coordinates a range of open activities and events for local schools and community members. These events include student and teacher conferences, open CPD opportunities in collaboration with CIRL, university interview preparation for local students, shared use of sports facilities and hosting sporting events for local schools and students, and community open music opportunities. Through facilitating these events and activities at Eton College, we hope to engage our local community, supporting a culture of excitement in learning and aspiration building for young people.  

Some examples of past and present events are:  

Mock Oxbridge Interviews for local students

The aim of the event is to recreate the environment and experience of an interview at Oxford or Cambridge for local and partner school students.  

In November at Eton College (and online in 2020-21) we host mock subject-specific Oxbridge interviews. Around 100 students attend each year. Every student attends an individual interview with either a teacher at Eton, Eton alumnus or industry professional appropriate to their field of study. At the end of the interview feedback is provided to the student. During their visit, students are also enrolled in an interview skills workshop with other interviewees. These workshops are delivered by the London Role Play Company and provide students with a chance to explore different tips for confidence and technique. 

In past years Oxbridge offers were made to up to 40% of the students who received interviews. Students fed back that the experience helped build their confidence and made them feel more well-prepared for their Oxbridge interview. 

Thank you for all your support with our four Oxbridge candidates this year. It made a huge difference.  All four have now received offers and are thrilled as are we – the most offers we have ever received in one year.

Teacher, Windsor Girls School 

Teachers’ CPD and Conferences 

In collaboration with CIRL and external educational organisations, Eton hosts free talks, CPD sessions and conferences for teachers.  

Each month CIRL runs virtual talks from leading researchers and professionals which any teacher or parent is welcome to attend. Subjects range from term to term, covering topics such as student wellbeing, AI for education or lesson observation and its applications. On average, audiences top 50 people and we hope to use this momentum to continue developing and supporting this growing group of educational professionals.

In collaboration with the Ogden Trust, Eton has hosted the Primary Physics Professional Learning (P3L+) Conference for the past three years (excluding 2021 due to Covid). This event is designed for science coordinators and primary teachers looking to incorporate more practical physics and scientific skills within their curriculum. 

This free event included four workshops delivered by experts from the Ogden Trust, as well as a tour, lunch and refreshments from Eton College. 

Over 60 teachers attended from 50 different schools. 

The day was filled with exciting ways to make science more engaging and practical for pupils, highlighting practical ways to use stories as a stimulus for science and ultimately develop purposeful cross-curricular links where pupils are able to develop a deeper and transferable understanding of science. I have shared this approach with staff through school INSET and we have embedded a more cross-curricular approach to science and English.

Year 6 teacher at Iqra Primary School

Music Partnerships

Events for primary aged pupils have included our Community Concerts which are hosted monthly and one-off events, such as Eton Brass Explosion, run by Onyx Brass.  

For the past four years, Eton College Music Schools have put on 3-4 Children’s Concerts each term. These are short, informal concerts aimed at pre and primary school aged children in the local community, offering a wide range of musical styles. The concerts always feature boys from Eton College as well as music teachers. The concerts are fun, engaging and interactive, with themes including ‘Songs from the Shows’, ‘Carnival of the Animals’, ‘Introduction to the Orchestra’ and ‘Spotlight on Singing’. Children of all ages are very welcome to attend. The concerts last for around half an hour. 

In January 2020, the Head of Brass at Eton College and his band Onyx Brass hosted a day’s Brass workshop for 90 Year 7, 8, & 9 students from nine different schools. Onyx Brass led the pupils in improving their musical skills and learnt three new songs, culminating in an accomplished, energetic performance for their parents. 

In May 2020, during the COVID lockdown, Onyx Brass produced a set of play-along videos and accompanying sheet music for primary school brass players to practice their instruments at home. 

When at primary school, pupils who play brass instruments do not often get the opportunity to play with lots of other brass players. Onyx Brass wanted to bring these pupils together to be part of an exciting day of fun with music focussing especially on brass. 

The children enjoyed being part of such a big Brass Band, it was such an exciting experience for them all.  The pace of the day and the level of musicianship required were judged perfectly and delivered with a great sense of fun and teamwork.  It made our children feel very proud to be part of the brass family

Susannah Nettleton, Music Specialist. 

Eton Connect School Partnerships

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