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Increased research into and understanding of neuroscience, new apps and changing technologies, and a desire to improve best teaching skills, are set to transform the way teachers teach and students learn in this country and around the world. 

The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning (CIRL) allows us to work alongside partners to explore and evaluate scientific discoveries, the latest technologies and best practice in teaching and learning. As a leader in its field, CIRL arranges and hosts free professional development opportunities for schools in the Thames Valley Learning Partnership, and provides free online training through the EtonX platform.

CIRL leads the way in collaborative, evidence-based research and provides practical support to pupils and teachers very widely by making findings available online for free.

Julie Robinson, CEO of the Independent Schools Council

Eton Innovations

We aim to garner the best innovations and new insights, in order to further improve the teaching and learning experience for our pupils and to equip them for their future careers.

We work collaboratively with other schools and research organisations, and are keen to share the results of our research with the wider profession. In this endeavour, CIRL produces school-based research projects on pro-social behaviour, well-being, character and community engagement at Eton, and is leading a cross-sector research project on resilience. CIRL publishes the Eton Journal for Innovation and Research in Education twice a year, with articles by teachers, academics and pupils. You can read CIRL’s latest journals here.

Eton’s membership of the Global Online Academy enables staff to work alongside students in other schools, and our Masters’ training programme encourages staff to share good practice and deliver subjects in innovative ways. This enables boys to experience several different approaches to teaching and learning and we believe this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the school. Whether the technology or teaching methods are new or traditional, a central theme is a belief in independent learning – boys are encouraged to question and challenge and push their own learning forward.

Did you know?

CIRL won the 2020 TES Independent School Award for ‘Strategic Education Initiative of the Year’.

Eton Online Ventures

Eton set up a new company, Eton Online Ventures, to work with technologists, educators and entrepreneurs to develop new approaches to education. We use our experience of educational change and development alongside modern technology to bring exciting and effective new products to the online marketplace.

The latest development in this area is the creation of EtonX, a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Eton College, which creates innovative online courses and software for teenagers to develop the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Courses for EtonX are constantly being developed, many of which are permanently available to the state sector for free, with revenue from paid courses going towards financing our new social vision: Eton2020.

The time is ripe for edupreneurs to develop ways to use technology to challenge fundamentally the traditional methods of teaching and learning rather than simply providing enhanced learning support. We believe in the power of technology to transform the delivery of education and educational outcomes for students worldwide by:

  • facilitating collaborative learning, encouraging students to appreciate the importance of teamwork and the contribution that others can make
  • fostering self-confidence, enthusiasm, perseverance, and respect for the individual
  • widening access to the most effective educational methods and resources

Eton is also now is its fourth year as secondary education partner of Emerge Education, working with EdTech startups to provide advice and mentorship, and allowing our pupils to experiment with and evaluate the most up-to-the-minute educational developments.

Our Research Centre

Evidence-led Innovation