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Thanks to generations of benefactors and supporters we are fortunate to have a well-established endowment, which allowed us to budget £7.2 million for scholarships and bursaries in the 2019/20 financial year. Bursaries are means-tested awards which are given to help support families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford some, or all of the school fees. Parents are asked to complete a bursary application form and an independent company will carry out a home visit to assist in the assessment of family circumstances. All applications are then considered by the Bursaries Committee, chaired by the Head Master.

We support as many applications as possible. In 2018/19, 255 pupils received a means-tested bursary (averaging a 67% reduction in fees), with 90 students paying no fees at all.


students paid no fees in 2018/19.

Unfortunately, we still cannot fund all of the applications and so our development team is working hard with current supporters to try to grow our funds still further.

For further information, please contact our fees and bursaries accountant.

We are committed to making an Eton education accessible to talented boys whatever their background.

Simon Henderson, Head Master

A gift to Financial Aid ensures that Eton continues its long heritage of transforming the lives of talented boys.

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