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Eton has a flourishing programme of volunteering activities in partnership with local schools, charities and other projects. These form an integral part of the co-curricular timetable of most pupils in C Block (Year 12) and are now increasingly available to boys in other blocks (year groups) as well.


All C Blockers sign up for a weekly public service activity, participating in either community engagement, the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) or admissions tours. Volunteering placements are overseen by the Master-in-Charge, while the Social Action Mentor offers additional support for boys with a particular project in mind.

Over 200 pupils in C Block volunteer for their choice of a broad range of placements, all of which make a greater difference to people in the local community. These placements also offer the chance for boys to develop skills and confidence, which will serve them in later life.

I hope to make a difference by helping the children to mature and develop into not only better rugby players, but also better people.

Pupil volunteer

Placements include:

  • Local schools – music practice, classroom help, sports coaching, maths mentoring, chess clubs, Latin classes
  • Placements with the local elderly and disabled – helping in private houses, care homes, weekly clubs and charity shops
  • Museums, arts centres, libraries and charity shops – running workshops for local children or assisting with clerical tasks
  • Outdoor placements – local environmental and biodiversity enhancement, swan rescue, rowing coaching, and tourist information

boy hours are devoted to local volunteer work on average weekly.

Some boys complete a further Eton College Community Engagement (ECCE) placement in B Block (Year 13), and volunteering opportunities are also available to boys in other blocks. Younger boys from F to D Block (Years 9-11) have participated in various projects and placements, including: workshops at local schools; charity shops and tourist information centres; lunch clubs and tea parties for senior citizens; and Eton Town Council’s street-clean mornings.

Running alongside our volunteering scheme is a broad programme of events and assignments that develop boys’ awareness and social literacy. These include a series of talks to inspire and inform; workshops to help them prepare mentally for their responsibilities; and a series of opportunities to reflect on how they might make the most of their volunteering placement as a chance to serve and to learn.