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Eton Connect

Eton Connect is a network of over 1,000 cross-sector partnerships between schools, charities and other organisations working together for the benefit of children and teachers.

Through research, digital resources, summer schools visits and events, Eton Connect brings people together who are determined to provide extraordinary learning opportunities for young people. 

Widening Access

Eton was founded to provide a transformational education to those with limited opportunities, and this is still an incredibly important part of what we do. 90 boys currently attend Eton on free places, with a further 169 on bursaries between 5% and 95%, and boys join us at 13 and at 16 to take advantage of these places.  

Service Learning

An Eton education emphasises the importance and power of public service, and we aim to give our boys extensive opportunities to engage with social action and with volunteering. 

Eton Connect School Partnerships

Summer Schools