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Boys are thrown together in groups of 10 or 11 as 13-year-olds, and they grow up together over the next five intense and action-packed years. Friendships built up during this period and will last for the whole of a person’s life.

Boarding is just living with your friends.

Stephen, Orwell Award recipient

The roles of House Master and Dame are complex and varied. No manual can fully prepare the members of staff who take them on, and the jobs make huge demands on them. However, the task of steering young people through this critical phase in their life is an immensely rewarding, important and worthwhile one. House staff make lasting relationships with many of the pupils who have been in their care and with some of their parents too.

When a boy leaves Eton, he will have experience of academic, sporting, dramatic, artistic, musical and, perhaps most importantly, personal growth to look back on.

David Gregg, Deputy Head (Pastoral Care)

The Eton model of House Mastering allows those who oversee our Houses to develop a particularly close knowledge and understanding of their pupils, whose general health and wellbeing depend largely on them and their House team. We aim to inculcate and practise the highest standards of pastoral care and safeguarding in our Houses, to ensure that our pupils can succeed in their academic and general development.

Eton’s Boarding Houses



Baldwin’s Bec


Common Lane House

Cotton Hall House

Durnford House


Farrer House 

Godolphin House

Hawtrey House

Holland House


Keate House

Manor House


Penn House

South Lawn

The Hopgarden

The Timbralls

Villiers House

Walpole House

Warre House



Wotton House

Boarding Houses Quick Reference Guide


House Master


Building Name






J A G Fulton College J Greenwood Denise Stock (Matron-In-College)

M Coleman  (Deputy Matron-In-College)

J C A Jackson Walpole House E C Yeo Marie Hayward
I R Gray Hawtrey House* W E S Casson Louise Teo
Dr J M Gibbons Warre House* D W B Anderson Heather Masterson
N Adams Wotton House N J Mortimer Donna Parks
H W T Adams Godolphin House* R C Hardy H Mohammed
A B Henshilwood Jourdelay’s* H J Patel Nicola Reed
S P Hermes Baldwin’s Bec D A Gibbons Linda Rickard
A M Miles Mustians* J M Stone Ros Fernee
N P T Leathers Penn House N W Flanaghan Sallie Rangeley
J D Macartney Angelo’s* M A Whetnell Amanda Nash
M A Grenier  Evans’s* D J Barker and J Nelmes Julie Mills
Dr I R Swan Common Lane House* M Bruna Charlotte Meyrick
P E P Walsh Manor House G B Gundle Wendy Cottam
J M O’Brien Waynflete* T M Foster Jane Stevens
H J R MacLennan Durnford House* C A M McKinnel B A Townley
J Dangerfield Farrer House  J Osborne Sue Young
B J Holdsworth South Lawn J W F Stanforth Sarah Bush
W I N Griffith The Timbralls D M Bond Susan Glover
A G D Furnival The Hopgarden H P G Jones Patricia Morrison-Jones
P R K Bird Westbury M T Holdcroft Sue Jones
Dr E J N Russell Keate House* T A Day A Deane
Revd P A Hess Cotton Hall House A Powles S Hyman
G J Pierce Villiers House T G Settle Hermione Holt
P G Williams Holland House K M Allott Martina Prentis

Pastoral Care

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