Other Games

Numerous other games and sporting activities are played at Eton, some involving fixtures against other schools, some involving internal competitions, and some played just for fun.

For those with an equestrian bent there is an eventing team which competes successfully at venues such as Stonor Park and the Windsor Horse Show (although the School does not offer stabling facilities), and in the summer there is a thriving Polo team which includes in its fixtures an annual Eton versus Harrow match at Smith’s Lawn.

Those interested in outdoor pursuits will be able to join the Mountaineering Club, which has expeditions each half to locations such as North Wales and the Lakes, and has organized summer-holiday visits to Corsica, Nepal, and Mount Kilimanjaro in recent years. A climbing wall is available to practise skills, but the Club caters as much for hill-walkers as for mountaineers.

For those enjoying the water, Eton’s proximity to reservoirs provides the opportunity for an active Sailing Club. Boys can also windsurf throughout the year, weather permitting.