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Painting & Drawing

Painting and drawing in the Drawing Schools is aimed at both examination candidates and boys who want to pursue techniques for personal pleasure.

The department would always encourage an individual and personal approach to painting and drawing. First-hand experience of subject matter is achieved through observational studies or photography. Ideas are developed further by a combination of mediums such as pastels, charcoal, crayons, watercolour, or collage. The department is also equipped with graphic computers and digital photography. Many boys find that information technology is a fast and exciting way of generating potential images.


The department has no set format for the technical approach to a painting. The idea is the starting point and it is very much up to the individual to select the appropriate medium to execute his design or composition. Paint mediums include traditional oil and acrylic. It is also possible to combine photography, computer graphics, and printmaking with painted imagery.

All artwork should be informed with reference to art history or the work of contemporary artists. A good painting is therefore a logical composition that has been produced by a student who is familiar with both techniques and aesthetic concepts.

The department would like to think that any boy is capable of experiencing and enjoying the process of painting and drawing.

The Drawing Schools would like to help individuals be creative and develop their natural talent. The department is a place that encourages high standards but is very conscious that boys must enjoy the experience of creating artwork.