Resources for Teaching

The Audio-Visual Resources Centre serves the audio-visual needs of the school. It produces various materials that play an integral part in teaching, and it supports a range of other activities including morning assemblies and drama. A wide range of equipment is available from simple tape recorders to a three-camera television studio and video-edit suites.

Materials produced include overhead transparencies, slides, audio and video cassettes, and studio and location shot television programmes for teaching and exhibitions. Masters also use the facilities themselves making, for example, television programmes for PSHE tutorials. The AVR Centre manages the provision of audio-visual equipment in schoolrooms and lecture theatres.

Boys are able to use the centre during an options course on television production and also to follow their own interests in their free time.

The Computer-Based Resources Centre exists to help masters incorporate computers into their teaching, and in particular to make the best use of the school network. Still and video digital images are prepared, and work produced in various software programs for masters to use in their teaching.

The centre also provides advice and assistance in the construction of departmental web-sites. These web-sites are one of the ways in which the new network is being used, and there is a rapidly-increasing amount of material available to boys through their own computers, including basic information about syllabuses and exam requirements, material for revision, ideas for extension beyond examined work, and selected links to useful internet sites.

The computer-based resources department organizes the provision of video/data projectors for schoolrooms, allowing material on computers to be displayed and used in teaching.