At any one time there are about fifty societies and clubs in existence, catering for a wide range of interests and largely run by boys.

Societies tend to come and go, of course, depending on the special enthusiasms of the masters and boys in the school at the time, but some have been in existence many years. Those in existence at present include: African, Alexander Cozens (Art), Amnesty, Archeological, Architectural, Astronomy, Banks (conservation), Caledonian, Cheese, Classical, Comedy, Cosmopolitan, Debating, Design, Entrepreneurship, Geographical, Henry Fielding, Hispanic, History, Keynes (economics), Law, Literary, Mathematical, Medical, Middle Eastern, Model United Nations, Modern Languages, Oriental, Orwell (left-wing), Simeon (Christian), Parry (music), Photographic, Political, Praed (poetry), Rock (music), Rous (equestrian), Salisbury (diplomatic), Scientific, Sports, Tech Club, Theatre, Wellington (military), Wine and Wotton’s (philosophy).

Meetings are usually held after supper, starting at 8:45pm. Reports of recent society meetings can be found in the news pages. Some society meetings are open to pupils from other schools. If you are a teacher and would like to bring some of your pupils along to a society meeting at Eton, please contact the webclerk.

Click here for details of this half’s society meetings. Read the most recent societies report.