Tennis has been played at Eton since the game first developed but in recent years numbers have risen and it has become one of the most popular sports played at the School in the Summer Half.

There is an annual pre-season coaching trip to the Harry Hopman Academy (Saddlebrook) in Florida.

We run twenty school teams for various age groups, and many more boys play the game socially. The hard courts at Willowbrook and the twelve Astroturf courts on Masters are fully utilized throughout the summer half.

There is fantastic support from the Old Etonians, and two of our most enjoyable fixtures are the games against them, one at The Queen’s Club and the other hosted at Eton on the Fourth of June.

There are opportunities to compete at all levels. Boys are encouraged to get LTA ratings and compete in Matchplay competitions, as well as internal School ladders, Parent & Son, Master & Boy competitions and all the School and House knockout competitions

Eton boys receive coaching during the summer season (and increasingly more in the winter too) from a host of external coaches.