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Eton Innovations

A combination of new technologies, increased scientific understanding of how the human brain develops during adolescence, and a growing desire among schools and universities to share interesting practice in teaching and learning, has the potential to transform the world of education.

At Eton College we aim to garner the very best innovations and new insights, in order to further improve the teaching and learning experience for our pupils and to equip them for their future careers. We are open to working collaboratively with other schools and research organisations and are keen to share the results of our research.

Our masters’ training programme encourages staff to share good practice and deliver subjects in innovative ways. It means boys experience several different approaches to teaching and learning and we believe this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the school. Whether the technology or teaching methods are new or traditional, a central theme is a belief in independent learning - boys are encouraged to question and challenge and push their own learning forward.

The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning  is a new, dedicated centre which will allow us to work alongside partners to explore and evaluate scientific discoveries, the latest technologies and best practice in teaching and learning.

We have also set up a company called Eton Online Ventures to work alongside technologists, entrepreneurs and educators to develop some of these new and exciting approaches to education.

Membership of the Global Online Academy allows some staff to work alongside students in other schools.