I have been on many trips, but none of them compared to the variety of activities we experienced on this one; from iconic world heritage sites to fantastic local restaurants with exquisite food.

A few of the cultural experiences involved visits to local schools, and a fascinating tour of a Madrassa (an Islamic school). We also had a magnificent trek on a winding mountain road where Garcia Lorca (a Spanish poet and playwright) was buried, a tense football match at the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes and a visit of the local mezquita (mosque).

The one experience I would like to outline is the trip to the Alhambra, a fortress which was constructed between 889AD and 1333AD by the Moors, Muslims from North Africa who occupied Spain for more than eight centuries. It was one of the most majestic palaces and forts that I have ever seen. The walls were covered with illustrious patterns and colours and the extensive gardens were filled with prepossessing flowers and fountains.

The provisional dates for next year’s F Block trip to Granada are 19th March to 26th March 2015

Muazzam Khan-Noorpuri (PBS)