After their GCSEs, gifted and talented year 11 students, 24 boys and 24 girls, from eight of the thirteen secondary schools of the Brent LEA came to Eton for a six-day residential programme of personal development including creative, social, academic, tutorial and leadership/teamwork activities, and downright fun. The course is designed to nourish the soul and excite the spirit for all those involved.

Thanks to the excellent offices of Eve Baker who worked tirelessly in adverse conditions as the Brent liaison, the young people enjoyed yet another hugely successful residential course. Brent have cut back on funding and staff with regard to our course. Without Eve there would be no course. We cannot thank her enough for her diligence and enthusiasm in gathering together 48 of Brent’s best Year 11s for BESS 13.

Press coverage from the Brent and Kilburn Times